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haven: a safe place offering positive conditions during troubles or storms.

About Haven Recovery Homes

We offer a safe, affordable sober community for those wanting to pursue recovery in a supportive living environment. We treat every resident with respect and dignity, empowering them to define their own journey. Every individual is encouraged along their path of maintaining sobriety and rediscovering self-worth. 

Haven Recovery Homes does not discriminate against any path to recovery. We are the first house in St. Louis welcoming and encouraging all paths of recovery, from 12-step to therapeutic to medication assisted. 

We offer comfortable, furnished homes with live-in housing managers, support meetings and resource assistance for treatment and employment connections. We hope residents build the skills necessary to continue succeeding outside of our community when the time is right for them. 

The Mission

"I have seen the impact recovery homes have through the personal experience of a loved one. When I realized the lack of available options, I knew I had to offer recovery housing so more individuals could be impacted."
-Callan, Founder of Haven Recovery Homes
Relapse prevention has become our passion and mission. We believe supportive living communities facilitate this, especially in conjunction with outside treatment. All residents are accountable to each other and themselves. At Haven Recovery Homes, we have developed a structured setting that offers connection and support to residents as they build a foundation for a healthier, sober life. This balance of accountability and freedom allows for both self-empowerment and acceptance of support. 

We believe (and research shows) connection and support are key pieces to sobriety. We believe long-term recovery is possible and that everyone is worth the opportunity to achieve it! Increased access to supportive living communities offers a long term solution to a chronic epidemic. Developing their own new structure and routine slowly in a supportive environment increases their chances of maintaining that healthy lifestyle for years to come. 

Why Recovery Homes Matter

Research strongly suggests that 21 or 30 days in a treatment center is not enough time for a person with a substance abuse disorder to become fully stabilized. A major challenge facing many individuals attempting to abstain from substances is finding a stable living environment that supports recovery. Supportive recovery homes are alcohol- and drug-free living environments that support recovery by emphasizing involvement in treatment, groups, employment, and social support. Active addiction is a place of darkness, loneliness and discouragement but recovery homes offer a chance for connection and understanding during a time of rebuilding and growth. 

What Haven Recovery Homes Offer

Structured Environment

A house manager, weekly check-in meetings and home guidelines allow for structure and personal responsibility while learning to independently transition to life without substances.

Boundaries & Understanding

As each residents goal is recovery, they hold themselves and one another accountable. Each residents understanding of substance use disorder also creates an environment of empathy and support

A Chance for New Routines

Often in early recovery, going back to a previous environment leads to reverting to old behaviors. A new, supportive environment encourages the individual to create a life and routine that sustains their recovery. 


Living with likeminded individuals makes it easier to feel connected. This can be through personal, one-on-one conversations or by easily connecting with self-support groups by attending together. 

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